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FIREWEAR® FFR Fabrics are trademarks of Springfield L.L.C.


Fabric Weight NFPA 70E Arc Rating HRC*
FIREWEAR 5.5 oz. 7.0 1
FIREWEAR 9.5 oz. 11.5 2

*HRC - Hazard Risk Category
Fabric Content:
FIREWEAR® 55% FFR™ (Fibrous Flame Retardant Fiber)/45% Cotton
An inherently flame resistant fabric blended from cotton and a fiber designed to smother flames when exposed to fire. The FFR™ Fiber is designed to emit a noncombustible gas through microscopic pores in the fiber when the fiber is exposed to a flame. This gas smothers the flames much like a fire extinguisher. FIREWEAR® fabrics are blended with cotton and thus have many of the natural benefits of cotton; breathability, high-moisture regain, and lightweight comfort.

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