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Let us introduce Pro-Tuff Uniforms

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Pro-Tuff Uniforms was founded by Ken and Carolyn Werner in Roseburg, Oregon in 1975. Concentrating on three main elements, the highest quality, unsurpassed durability and wearer comfort, Pro-Tuff Uniforms became an industry leader in the functionality, utility and wearer comfort of our garments. The garments are designed for Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Personnel and other uniformed professionals.

In May 2004, Pro-Tuff Uniforms was acquired by Topps Safety Apparel, Inc. and now works closely with Topps in all areas of operation. Pro-Tuff shares its office facilities, warehouse and distribution facilities, including garment customizing department with Topps in Rochester, Indiana.

Pro-Tuff Uniforms maintains its own manufacturing facility in Burkesville, Kentucky where the unique blend of innovative styling and the highest levels of product quality are combined. Design and manufacturing standards are now guaranteed by quality assurance procedures that are registered as in conformance with ISO 9001:2008.